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  • This is my last resort. I've spent the last few days extremely stressed out trying to fix this thing. It's an old HP desktop with Windows Vista Ultimate. It was my moms old computer that she used for work, and i intend to slap a graphics card in and upgrade the CPU and use it for gaming. But the problem with that is, I don't know the admin password. So what? Just go into bios and boot off of a USB! I have tried that SO MANY TIMES.   w

    On an HP computer, the BIOS is normally f10, if i press f10 on startup, it'll ask for a password. None of my relatives know this password, i've tried countless times but have had no luck. I want to completely wipe the drives and install a brand new windows 10, So if anybody could help me i would be so grateful, words wouldn't even describe it.

    (I'll be checking this site daily)

    Thursday, January 25, 2018 5:16 AM

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  • Hi,

    If some BIOS password has been set, please reset BIOS (it means clearing CMOS):
      (1) Turn off your mom's desktop and remove an AC cord from it
      (2) Open case of it 
      (3) Find a coin battery (diameter: 20 mm,  thickness: 3 mm) on mother board and remove it.
          (You can find it easily, since it is silver color and like a coin)  (4) Press Power-On SW for a few seconds (it is for electric discharging of computer parts)
      ... the above steps will clear CMOS, i.e. Contents of BIOS settings will be reset to factory settings ...
      (5) Put the coin battery back in place, and close the PC case. 



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