Startup hangs at "Please Wait" (None of the solutions proposed previously have worked for me.)


  • I was working on my laptop(Lenovo X201 tablet) when my windows 8 prompted that it will restart in 15 mins to install updates. I came back after an hour and the start up is stuck at "Please wait". It remained that way for about 12 hrs, after which I realized that something is wrong. (I am a student and this copy of windows 8 is downloaded from MSDNAA.)

    None of these work:

    1. Refresh : Says that an error occured (Doesnt specify what error)

    2. System Restore: No restore points available

    3. Reset : Says that an error occured (Doesnt specify what error)

    4. Automatic repair : Says, Couldnt repair your PC.

    5. Safe mode: Gets stuck at "Please wait"

    6. Disabling WiFi : Doesnt help

    7. I scanned my HDD multiple times and it found no disk errors

    I then took out my laptop HDD, placed it in a external USB enclosure and connected to my desktop. I then did the following, but none of these work either:

    1. Renaming the Avast antivirus folder in Program files, just in case avast was the culprit.

    2. Replaced the registry files from System32/config/regbackup to config to load old registry.

    3. Loaded the registry, from my laptop HDD to desktop registry, to disable the NLA service and found that it was already disabled.

    4. Also renamed the fingerprint reader software folder so that the service doesnt start.

    I only have an ISO of the Windows 8 and my laptop doesnt have an optical drive. I prefer not to format my whole disk or buy a USB optical drive. Can anyone suggest any kind of tweak to repair my windows or in worst case reinstalling windows onto my laptop HDD while being connected through USB enclosure? 


    Sunday, January 20, 2013 10:45 AM


  • windows 8 prompted that it will restart in 15 mins to install updates. I came back after an hour and the start up is stuck at "Please wait".

    You could boot up in Command mode to find some diagnostics which would indicate what is was doing, possibly even what is going wrong.

    How far into your Safe mode boot are you getting?   Perhaps you could add boot logging on to its options?

    FWIW I had a similar incident recently in which the screen went black, apparently just after that message and while I was not aware of what was going on, so I tapped the Power button (not pressed and held) and something happened (I can't remember exactly what, e.g. whether it actually shutdown or went into a Sleep state) so I tapped it again to wake it and then saw that it was doing updates.  It stalled at 92% complete but was clearly doing something (power light on and drive lights flashing intermittently) so I left it running and came back to it the next morning to find it acting like nothing had gone wrong.   I guess your "12 hrs" has my overnight surprise beat.

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle

    Sunday, January 20, 2013 9:53 PM