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  • hello there i just compltly factory restored my pc -long story...

    anyhow after that i pluged my USB bluetooth in and it works

    no driver needed...


    windows vista comes wiv drivers i would say to everyone out there try the vista drivers...


    how i did it::

    insterted bluetooth usb stick (wizzcom)

    windows vista installed it (with vista drivers)


    how it works::

    you will notice after pluging your bluetooth usb stick in you will get a bluetooth icon


    to send a file::

    make sure your bluetooth device is on and set to find / locate...

    then click on a file on your computer (Right) then go to send to then go to bluetooth device.


    after that you should get a box  bluetooth file transfer wizard select browse to find your device once found click on your device then click ok


    you should now be back in the same window with the device name that your sending to click ok that should send the file


    now make sure you bond / sync with the device and pc.. basicly clikcing yet to bond / sync... on the device


    to reciveve a file::


    click on your bluetooth icon then click recive file (you must do this or you wont be able to send the file from your device to the pc)


    then simpley send the file from your device to the pc...


    i did this useing a motarola mobile phone v3x and a bluetooth usb stick wizcom


    so try this out its worth a try but like ive said let windows vista use its own driver it comes with most of the drivers and the way ive done it really dose work so thanxs fro reading andi hope you figure it out as i did if you have any questions or comments email me:

    Monday, April 30, 2007 2:37 PM