Unable to Merge "Free Space" to "Unallocated Space" or "C:"


  • OS Windows 7when i shrink volume from "D:" it creates "Free Space" not the "Unallocated Space" which actually I want to use to extend "C:" drive.any help?

    I tried 

    Disk Management>

    highlight and right click "D:" drive and click "Shrink Volume" entered space "51200 or 50GB". It created "Free Space" with 50GB space.

    when I right Click on "C:", "Extend Volume" is grayed out. Then I right Clicked on "C:" and clicked "Shrink Volume" and entered space "1024 for 1GB" and it created "Unallocated Space" with 1GB Space which can be used again to extend volume for "C:" but "50GB Free Space" could not be allocated to "C:" 

    Then I assigned "F:" to "Free Space" so now I have 3 Drives

    C: 100GB, D: 302GB and F: 49.9GB

    I want to merge "C:" and "F:"

    now if I try to Delete Volume or Shrink Volume it again creates "Free Space" not Unallocated Space which could be used to "Extend Volume" for "C:"

    Please help.



    Sunday, November 13, 2011 1:12 PM


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