print filter pipeline host and printer not printing


  •  Hello,
    Hopefully you can answer my question.  Frequently, when I try to print something, whether it's from the internet or from a word processing program, I'll get a message that says "Print Filter Pipeline Host stopped working and was closed.  A problem caused the application to stop working correctly.  Windows will notify you if a solution is available."

    Then my printer will shoot out one blank page and not print the thing I want printed. 

    This is very frustrating and I can't find anything related to this error message and printing.  I'm not very technically-savvy, so if you can help me, please let me know in simple terms. 

    Thank you so much!
    Tuesday, December 16, 2008 11:10 PM





    Based on some customers’ feedback, the issue mostly can be caused by printer driver. I suggest you take the following steps to reset Print Subsystem.


    First, let’s make sure that the Print Spooler service is only dependent on the RPC service and HTTP.


    To do this, follow these steps:


    Click Start , type regedit in the Search box, and then press ENTER.

    Right-click Computer, click Export, Save a backup file on your desktop.


    NOTE: If an unexpected issue be encountered after modifying registry, please double click the backup file to restore registry.


    a.  Locate and then click the following registry key:




    b.  In the details pane, if the DependOnService value shows values of RPCSS, HTTP and other key, right-click DependOnService, and then click Modify. 

    c.  In the Value data box, delete other key, and then click OK. 

    3.  Exit Registry Editor. 


    Then, let’s take the following suggestions to troubleshoot this issue.


    Before trying the following Steps make Sure the Existing Printer drivers and application are uninstalled and disconnected the Printer from the computer.


    Step 1:


    Click "Start", type "regedit" in Research Bare and press "Enter". Browse to the following registry key by clicking the PLUS (+) sign:




    Click the PLUS (+) sign to expand Printers key. All current printers installed on your computer are listed there. Please right click each subkey in it on the left pane and click "Delete".


    Step 2:


    Browse to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Environments\Windows NTx86\Drivers\Version-3


    If its 64 bit edition need to Check Windows NTx64 folder and follow the Below step.


    Click the PLUS (+) sign to expand "Version-3". All printer drivers which have been installed on your computer will be listed there. Please right click each subkey in it on the left pane and click "Delete".


    Step 3:


    Locate and then expand the following registry key



    View the list of subkeys. There should only be the following subkeys for the default print monitors:


    BJ Language Monitor

    Local Port

    PJL Language Monitor

    Standard TCP/IP Port

    USB Monitor


    If there are any subkeys other than the subkeys that are listed above has to be deleted. To do this, right-click each subkey that is not on the list, and then click Delete. Click Yes when you are prompted to confirm the deletion.


    Step 4:


    Restart your computer and start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard.

    Go to safe mode.

    Open "My Computer" and browse to the folder: 

    Go to the Following folder


    (i) C:\Windows\System32\spool\prtprocs\w32x86

    (ii) C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers

    (iii) C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\w32x86


    If its 64 bit edition Need to check the x64 folder in all the location above mention.

    And then delete all the files and the folders in the following 3 folders.

    Check Whether the Spooler services is Working Properly.


    Step 5:


    Try to Install the latest Printer Drivers and test the issue.


    Hope it helps.


    Tuesday, December 23, 2008 5:51 AM