sbs 2003 desktop redirection


  • I'm new at GPOs and I was experimenting with folder redirection and decided to redirect my admin desktop to a network \\servername\users\%username% share.  Unfortunately I input the name of the share incorrectly (\\servername\users) and it redirected to the root of the user folder, which means it added every user directory to my desktop.  I also set the account as a roaming profile which did go to the correct path \\servername\users\admin.  I changed the account back to local profile and I have removed the admin account from the redirection GPO, but the link to the user folders is still there.  I have even tried redirecting back to the same location and choose leave folder where they are when I removed policy, still no good.  I know I must be missing something.  It's very irratating to say the least.

    Please help.


    new information

    It seems that I am only locked into the desktop on the 2 systems I originally logged onto.  I logged onto a different system with my admin account and it did not redirect my desktop.  But the 2 systems I had logged onto originally still have the redirected desktop and are linked to the user directories.


    Tuesday, July 31, 2007 7:26 PM

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