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  • I performed an in-place upgrade from 5456 to 5472 on a Toshiba M3 laptop with their most current BIOS. On the whole it went pretty smooth. The M3 is configured with 2GB RAM, a 60GB disk (multiple partitions) and a 2GHz Intel processor.

    Observations include:

    1. Free system disk space requirement of 11.5GB. This is down from 5456's requirement for 15GB but still a lot. My machine has a 20GB system partition with 9GB free and you would think that would be sufficient. I had to uninstall Office 2k7 Beta 2 and a couple of other things to free up the space. Also the C:\Windows\winsxs file is HUGE (mine is over 3GB).

    2. The upgrade took from 1:55PM to 3:15PM from the time I clicked "install" to the time I could begin re-installing O2K7 and the other apps. Another 30 minutes later I was fully functional so all in all about 2 hours.

    3. The video drivers that come with Vista did not have support of Aero glass for my M3 video card, but the default Windows display was fine and very functional. I was able to use multiple monitors, the sidebar, and see file icons on thumbnails.

    4. The build seems to be very stable and responsive.



    Friday, July 21, 2006 4:11 PM