Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection issue on IBM Thinkpad T61



    IBM Thinkpad - Remote Desktop Connection fails


    We have an IBM Thinkpad T61 that is only a few months old.  It runs Windows XP Pro and it will not connect to any computers on our network over Remote Desktop Connection.


    -We have the windows firewall off

    -We have the boxes checked under my computer - Allow Remote Desktop Connections, Allow other users to remote to this computer.

    -We do not see any blocked requests in our McAffee firewall either.


    Instead of the PC trying to connect it goes right to an error message when you Click Remote Desktop Connection.


    The exact error is "The Client cannot connect to the Remote Computer."

    Remote Connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections.  It is also possible tat network problems are preventing your connection.


    Please try your connection again later.  If the problem continues to occur, contact your administrator. 


    When I click connect it seems to go right to this error message.  I can also ping the destination machine from this and get a reply so the laptop can communicate with the destination machine just can't connect.  Again we are sure that we have enabled remote assistance on the machines we are trying to connect to and have tried to connect to multiple machines.


    What else could we be missing?  Is there a way I can reset or reinstall the Remote Desktop connection manager?


    What other settings could be preventing me from connecting?

    It is XP SP2, but that shouldn't matter since we have many XP SP2's that this works on.

    Thank you in advance!


    Wednesday, December 03, 2008 3:09 PM

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