Windows Anytime Upgrade 350+ PC's from Prof to Enterprise over 5 International Offices


  • Hi Guys,

    So our company has just upped its Domain Level to 2008 and we want to make use of Branch Cache, but 90% of the PC's are using Windows 7 Professional, re-imaging is out of the question due to time constraints etc

    So we currently make use of WSUS, SMS and our licences/activation's are automated through a KMS server and MS licencing agreement.  PC images are built manually, then sysprep'd and images taken using Symantec Ghost 11.

    We have around 350+ Windows 7 PC's that will need to be upgraded from W7 Professional to W7 Enterprise, with a mix of x86 & x64.

    Does anyone know of a way to script and automate a Windows Anytime Upgrade in this scenario, i understand traditionally you need an upgrade key, however we already have the required licences through our Volume Licensing Agreement and KMS so not sure how this will work, as we clearly dont need to purchase any new keys...

    Is Windows Anytime upgrade the best route or can we upgrade via the KMS server?

    Many thanks for your help


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