Windows 7 System Repair Disk Write problem (0xC0AA0301)


  • I am able to burn audio and data CDs and DVDs on my DVD/RW and CD/RW drives using any software (imgburn, Roxio).  My problem is that when I try to burn A System Repair Disk I get a ruined CD and an error message of 0xC0AA0301.  When I try to burn SRD  to a DVD at least it does the courtesy of not writing to it before it gives me the same error.  I have another PC with Windows 7 (Installed Windows 7 on both machines in the same week) that burns the SRD just fine.  I tried uninstalling the Microsoft DVD/CD drivers and reinstalling but that did not help.  I'm thinking that the SRD is generic enough to use with both machines but I should be able to create one for each machine.
    Sunday, January 03, 2010 1:23 PM