Windows XP SP3: Black Screen after boot-up and Ctrl-Alt-Delete Disabled


  • My friend gave me his computer (Windows XP SP3) to fix. When I got it, he told me that it would boot up and then ask for a password (though he had never put a password on his computer) saying that the computer was locked down. 

    When I finally started to work on it, the computer would boot past the windows logo with the progress bar underneath it and go to a blank screen (black) with a cursor. I tried ctrl-alt-delete, tried to hit it twice, no dice.

    Next I put the computer into safe mode, again, same problem, this time a black screen with text saying safe mode in four corners. Again, ctrl-alt-delete wouldn't work.

    I have scanned the hard drive for viruses, run memtest86+, tried a repair install, but nothing seems to be working. I did have a little sucess, after using a Windows XP 2600 build CD to do the repair install, the installation continued after the reboot (with SP3 and SP2 it did not) however the when it was copying files the setup kept on saying there where files that couldn't be found. I just hit cancel on all of that, and restored the registry afterwords. The computer booted into a user account, but it seemed that only part of it was working. The taskbar was greyed out, with no start button and all the icons were gone. Plus we couldn't run any installers, except for the Windows Installer, which we used from a SP3 CD to try to update the computer, but after the update, the computer went back to the black screen.


    Any ideas? 

    Thursday, June 24, 2010 3:42 AM

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  • put the harddrive to other computer, backup the Documents and Settings and other files, and do clean install, I think that's the only option for your case...

    After you clean install, restore the data

    Thursday, June 24, 2010 4:55 AM