[Win7 64-bit]System wants to perform chkdsk on every-boot and corrputed local folder.


  • Hello folks!

    Recently, I had a problem about my system booting-up too long and hanging up (this thread: which solved by performing a chkdsk/r.

    It's like one and half month after that incident. I didn't have any problems since that chkdsk. But now, whenever I open up my system, it wants to perform a chkdsk (chkdsk/f, I believe. Because it performs 3 stages.). I always let it check, then it reboots and opens without a problem.

    But today, it happened quite different. It wanted to do chkdsk, I let it. Chkdsk finished, welcome screen sighted, everything were ready until warning popped-out of taskbar. It said: "C:/Users/dente/AppData/Local is corrupted or deleted. Perform a chkdsk." (or something similar that, can't remember whole message.). I tried to open up cmd.exe from start-menu by searching, system didn't search. I clicked 'more results', system said 'query:search=cmd could not found'. I couldn't open Firefox due to lost profiles. So, I opened cmd.exe manually from C:/Windows/System32. When I tried to perform a chkdsk, it said 'sector F is unspecified' (or something like that.). After that, it said there is a problem, and caused to cancel out chkdsk. It asked me do I want to perform it at booting, I said yes and restarted my system. It deleted some files and entries. chkdsk finished, it rebooted, it performed another chkdsk! This time, it relocated a lot of entries and files. After finishing and rebooting, it did another chkdsk. But it didn't move nor delete andy files, just checked.

    Everything works normal currently. I can do search, Firefox runs perfect, etc.

    If you want to see my system specs, or want to learn about previous incident, you can take a look at here:

    What's the problem of my system, and what could cause it? How can I avoid it in future? Thanks for your valuable time! :)

    P.S.: I'm aware of this topic about chkdsk-every boot. . Also, I had a blue screen of death caused by drivers (dxgmms1.sys). This maybe can help to enlight the situation. :)

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  • Sunday, April 08, 2012 8:09 PM
  • Hi,

    Have you made any changes or installed any software recently?

    If any restore point is available, please perform system restore first. Meanwhile, you can try System File Checker.

    Niki Han

    TechNet Community Support

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012 6:10 AM
  • First of all, thanks for replies.

    @Mike Burr, I've done all these things in links, it seems like there isn't any problems.

    @Niki Han, I didn't change/install anything. Last error I remember is, Windows popping an error about "C:\Users\dente\AppData\Local\Adobe is harmed, do a chkdsk" when I tried to open Adobe Acrobat. It opened without any problems, though.

    Currently, I have another problem within this problem, system takes too long to open (like my previous incident) and it says my Windows copy isn't genuine. But, after some time it changes it's mind and says my copy is genuine. Also, I did a chkdsk and it said F paramater isn't specified and xxxx and xxxxx numbered files are corrupted.

    I have bought my PC from Electro World (at 12th June 2010), and it still has warranty. If nothing works or there isn't any other solutions, I consider to send to my PC to EW, so they can check what's wrong.

    Thanks for replies, gentlemen. Do you have anyother advises?

    EDIT: Oh, I see kbdsync.exe gets hanged up too. When AMD tries to initialise something (cmd pops up), it says "clGetPlatformIDs(1,*,0) failed", and hangs up. God help me, this system has a lot of problems!

    EDIT2: All my restore points have gone. I'm pretty sure I had a lot of them, but now they're gone. Great. :(
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