Upgrading ASUS F8 Vista(32bit) to Win 7 64 bit

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  • First off windows 7 has installed and it works great aside for some some small issues.  I am starting this thread in hopes that somebody else has done the footwork on this otherwise Ill do a little more research.

    First after installing all of the drivers at the ASUS site I still have 2 unknown devices.  I'm not sure of all the drivers I need to install because on their site (asus) it appears I have to get drivers from different releases of windows.  Ill probably call them this afternoon or next week to see what drivers I need.

    Second my computer properties doesn't display my computer make/model information, it says unknown, is there a way I can fix that?

    Third:  The media buttons and the fn keys aren't working.  I think that could be an asus driver issue.

    So that is where I sit, any advice would be appreciated. 
    Friday, July 03, 2009 2:09 PM

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  • I'm down to one unknown device.  For the most part I found the drivers on nescessary, asus's site.  After downloading drivers and trying them out  I was able to get my webcam, sound card, touchpad all to work.  NOTE: the ATK devices and drivers did not work Ill explain later.  I installed  the ati drivers from the ati website and the fingerprint reader was a little more obscure, but it turns out it is an authentec fingerprint reader and I found a link to Windows 7 authentec fingerprint soft on these very forums.

    Works great, I wouldn't bother with the ones provided by asus though they worked.

    ATK was the larger trouble I tried the ATK hot keys software and it wouldn't install because of an error, missing atk0100 driver, sorry I didn't copy it at the time.  I looked around and found a link on a forum:

    There is the link for the driver, which wouldn't not install using the installation program, but I went to the device manager, and updated the driver with the contents of the zip file and it works great now, then I was able to install the ATK hot keys, so now my fn keys and media type keys work.  I have not installed all of the atk tools just for preference.  The forum link will have more information if you haven't found all your drivers yet.

    So my last unknown device is the infrared reader.  ACPI\ITE8708, Ill reply if I find it or if anybody else has...


    Saturday, July 04, 2009 12:42 AM
  • Okay, Everything is setup.  I actually ended up going to realtek to download the audio drivers, they have a windows 7 x64 version which work great.  ACPI\IE8708 driver I found on another forum with a link to some strange fileshare program.  The driver appears to work fine.  Hopefully ASUS will make this a little simpler in the near future since they are releasing their computers with the windows 7 upgrade.

    The forum with the drivers was here:

    I would like to find a more secure source for thes drivers though.

    Saturday, July 04, 2009 1:26 PM
  • Hi, I've had my Asus F8SA model for 3 years now and its still works perfectly.

    However, the software is beginning to be outdated. So I'm considering upgrading to Windows 7.

    Do you have any advice you could give me as to where i should begin?


    Saturday, October 23, 2010 7:52 PM