Windows 8 WebDav and RoboCopy


  • Under windows 7 i had a bat file that maps a network drive to a webdav share (win2008r2 server) then kicks off robocopy /mir to sync things up. Under Windows 8 (rtm), same bat file, robocopy flags every file as being an *EXTRA File, deletes them and then downloads it again as a New File.
              *EXTRA File              3.7 m        file1.mp3
    100%        New File               3.7 m        file1.mp3

    If i point robocopy at a local (non webdav) share everything works as expected so i think its something specific to webdev. Windows copy does the same thing, it doesn't tell me the file already exists it just starts copying them / overwriting so i assume this is a windows 'issue'?

    Any thoughts?



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