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    Would someone be able to explain to me why this error occurs? I havent been able to find any relevant information online about the cause of this error but what Ive noticed is this error actually causes other applications like MS OFFICE products and custom solutions to hang or perform poorly as the error event will sometimes occur 30 times per second. Users will call and say they have an issue with (x) application so we will review the event logs find nothing related to that application other than this error so initially I ignored the error. However when I started looking into this more I think I have a theory of why this is an issue but have no idea why?

    My theory:

    This error seems to only occur for enterprise users. Normal consumers dont seem to be reporting this issue or asking questions about it.

    What I think is happening:

    Any application that is "location-aware" will trigger a scheduled task called "notifications" which runs a program called locationsnotifications.exe from "%windir%\System32\LocationNotifications.exe". Its possible that security measures put in place on our enterprise network prevents this application from completing its task so will report a fault. The problem is that it will continure to retry its task untill it is succeeds but it never reaches that point so it tries again and again and as a result, ties up resources on the workstation and will interupt applications that the user is currently using e.g. MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MSOUTLOOK, third party custom solutions etc.

    Temporary work around:

    I figured if locationsnotification.exe cant complete its task, what would happen if i was able to stop it trying to begin with. So I basically disabled Location Privacy Settings and all the general privacy settings and did some tests. What I found was the event logs for the workstation were now squeaky clean and there was a noticable difference in overall responsiveness by applications that were once problematic. 

    My Question: Can someone point me to a link that outlines in detail or can articulate what task it is that the locationnotifications.exe is performing to ascertain how our security measures are preventing it from completing its task or advise if I am completely incorrect in what I have found? We are migrating the enterprise to Windows 10 so would like to understand how this feature works so we can plan for it when we migrate.

    Thank you in advance.

    Friday, May 10, 2019 1:58 AM

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  • Hi,

    Sorry, can’t find any Microsoft official document or blog about the explanation of locationnotifications.exe.

    Only the following content:

    Location activity is automatically logged per application instance. After an application that uses location starts, the first successful attempt and the first failed attempt by an instance of an application to access location information are logged. A failed attempt does not necessarily mean an error occurred; it can mean an underlying request was made for data from a location provider that has no data available. Additional successful or failed attempts by an application to use location will not be logged, unless the application is restarted. When enabled, a sensor device works for all programs running under a particular user account (or for all user accounts), including non-interactive users and services, such as ASPNET or SYSTEM. Because the platform cannot ensure that data exposed to one process is secure from access by another process, users must give permission for all programs to access a particular sensor device (for a particular user account or all accounts on the computer).

    Note: update Broadcom driver for your device


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    Tuesday, May 14, 2019 8:14 AM
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