FSX crashes after 10-30 min on windows 7?


  • Flight Simulator X doesn't work in compatibility mode either. I checked vista, xp, etc every one of them and the screen: "error FSX has crashed and windows is trying to solve this problem" comes up each time. I dont know what to do. Any ideas? I ran it as an administrator too. still doesnt work.
    Tuesday, April 06, 2010 3:13 AM


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  • After checking in Windows 7 Compatibility Center, Flight Simulator X is compatible with Windows 7. I think that the crash can be caused by the video driver, software conflicts or corrupt system files. Regarding this, I would like to propose the following suggestions:


    1.        Run the command to automatically scan the system files:


    Sfc /scannow


    2.        Update the video driver to the latest version, you can contact manufacturer or go to its site to obtain the driver.

    3.        Perform a Clean Boot and install Flight Simulator X for a try.

    4.        Install the batches of Flight Simulator X Service Pack.


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    Wednesday, April 07, 2010 2:15 AM
  • video drivers are up to date i know that...
    Wednesday, April 07, 2010 2:35 AM
  • Additionally, you can use Process Monitor and ShellExView to tract the exact cause.


    1)      Download ShellExView v1.41


    Please Note: The third-party product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft. We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.


    2)      Right-click the "" file, select "Extract All", the Extraction Wizard will prompt.

    3)      Click Next, input "C:\ShellExView" (without the quotation marks) in the "Files will be extracted to this directory" textbox.

    4)      Click Next and click Finnish.

    5)      Open the "C:\ShellExView" folder and double-click the "shexview.exe" file. It will scan the registry for all the shell extensions.

    6)      Select all the non-Microsoft extensions in pink by press "Ctrl" in the keyboard.

    7)      Click the "Disable Selected Items" on the toolbar and click Yes.

    8)      Restart your computer and check if the issue is resolved.


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    Wednesday, April 07, 2010 2:51 AM
  • What video card do you have?

    Some of the later drivers have caused more problems in some areas than the older ones.

    Wednesday, April 07, 2010 3:46 AM
  • i have an EVGA GTX 275
    Thursday, April 08, 2010 10:50 PM
  • i have an EVGA GTX 275
    a fairly high end card that can most surely run FSX full settings and other games as well
    Thursday, April 08, 2010 10:53 PM
  • Try driver version 191.07 or 186.18. These were very stable for me. I have an EVGA GTX 280.

    I am currently using 196.34 beta.

    Also have a look at this site for some ideas.

    Thursday, April 08, 2010 11:21 PM
  • Hey everyone, I like about 20,000 other Windows 7 Users had the same issue,also tried everything under the sun.

    Clean installs of both the OS,FSX,installed latest drivers for everything ,installed and wound up deleting countless Dll's that were absolutely a waste of time.

    For me what seemed to fix the problem was, I liked to land on carriers and I used the high detail Nimitz package but that package would only run on Java 6 so that is what I had downloaded and also prevent Java from updating,well In my search to update my Asus motherboard drivers the installation package needed me to update to Java 7 so I did ,there was one driver my PC was missing and that was for controller USB3,it added the driver, I said what the hell let me run FSX and see how long I can fly, previously I was never able to fly for more than a half hour before it would crash leaving a message on my desktop saying Fatal Exception would you like to restart the program,I took off from KDFW and flew to KJFK using PMDG 747-8i which is a pretty substantial add on file and it stayed up and running no problems at all ,a good 4 hr flight when it would never stay up longer than a half hour at best ,UIAutomationcore I downloaded and deleted too , that did nothing ,I had been searching for over a year for the fix and this is what did it for me ,I just need to find a way I can use Nimitz high detail package with Java 7 but I guess until I find a fix for that at least my FSX won't crash, I'll just have to use the low detail AI carriers , hope this helps someone out there .

    Monday, April 15, 2013 12:01 AM