AOL 9.0 installation problems


  • I had a very old computer running windows Me (yes, you heard right) and never had a single problem with it in 9 years, including with AOL. I loaded XP on it and everything works fine, except I can't install AOL now (which worked fine before). One of two things usually happens:


    After I upload AOL from an installation disk, I get a message saying "AOL will now install files you need to run AOL. You will need to restart to use AOL". I click yes, reboot, and instead of AOL loading I get the same message over and over again in an endless loop, like it keeps trying to finish installing but won't.


    The second is, on a few occasions I actually got he AOL screen to open, and in "adding a modem" (Ihave dial-up) it won't recognize the modem or initialize it in order for me to get to the screen where I can then pick access numbers. The modem is working fine, there are no firewalls, and the mdoem responds when I query it. Yet XP won't detect or recognize the modem to talk to it. I even had this computer into a shop where the experts can't figure it out and say everything is working correctly.


    Is this an AOL problem or an XP problem?  I'd hate to have to give up XP just to use AOL., and I have another computer worked just fine with ME without a problem. Has anyone else out there had this kind of problem?  I know, this one's a challenge!

    Thursday, September 04, 2008 4:12 PM