Battery level goes from 20 % to 6%( reserve) immediately without warning windows 7


  • Hello,

      I have a lenovo ideapad Y560 laptop, recently replaced my battery under warranty and motherboard due to some problems.

      I performed a battery reset manually, as the service engineer said.

      Now everything is working fine except battery level and warning for low battery.

      Lenovo provides a energy management software which has two main options regarding to this thread:

    1. set for max battery life
    2. set for max battery runtime

    in first the battery goes from 19 % to 6 %(reserve battery level) immediately and displays reserve battery level warning, no low or critical battery level warning.

    here - low battery level        = 15% (on battery)/ 10% ( plugged in)
              critical battery level    = 5%(both)
              reserve battery level  = 7% (both)
     low battery warning  notification are on.

     in second option it same goes from 91-20% to reserve level and hibernates without the reserve level warning, no low or critical level warning infect no warning at all!

    all notifications are turned on for warnings, (not sure also suggest to make sure).

    Also the software also has a battery reset gauge option to reset battery automatically, I started it waited for an hour and a half, waiting for it to finish but what it does is charge battery to 99% and nothing happened for 1,1/2 hour I terminated the action.

    If you have any idea why is this happening or how to recover from it to original ( best) conditions please tell.

    Also is this has something to do with the new motherboard. 

    Please help.

    Thank you!

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 12:27 AM