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    Please tell if any documentation available for Windows system state analyzer tool, which helps to understand the functions of the tool and working process.


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    Wednesday, December 19, 2007 6:29 AM


  • Hello Mary Prathima

    Windows System State Analyzer tool (Analyzer) is designed to help create snapshots of the Computer with options to choose logical drives, registry, drivers and services. Users can create a baseline snapshot that contains all the said options or selected options. By creating another snapshot at a later time and by comparing the two snapshots users can view a diff of the snapshots. The report generated by the tool is self explanatory. There is no specific documentation for the tool since it serves a single purpose is very straight forward. You just have to read the text on the tool.


    Analyzer was predominantly developed for the Windows Server 2008 Logo program, though we find users benefit from it in other scenarios. The tool supports both Vista and Windows Server 2008 Operating systems.

    Analyzer and a couple of other tools can be downloaded from the website.


    I recall that you have posted couple of questions related to the other tools on the MSDN forum that is dedicated for Certification and application compatiblity on Windows Server here: ... and I have personally answered those on the forum.


    This forum (Windows Application compatibility toolkit) may not be able to assit with your questions related to the tools that you downloaded from InnovateOn website. For further questions on the tools try Also, I recommend that you try the tools once before posting very basic questions. We are here to help, but sometimes the answers you may be looking for may be just away by one easy attempt to use the tools.:-)



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    Friday, December 21, 2007 9:29 AM