Prime 95 (32 & 64 bit ) Issues


  • Im trying to stress test my pc, Ive been using Prime 95 forever. And now as soon as I got Windows 7 RC 64 bit, all of a sudden Prime 95 wont finish a stress test. The tester runs for a few minutes then slowly but surely each core will post an error "Fatal Error FOund .04 when expecting .05" or some weird error. This happens with both 64 and 32 bits Prime 95


    Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad @ 2.9 Ghz
    8800 GTS 512 MB OC Nvidia
    Ep45-Ds3Lr Gigabyte Board
    4 Gbs OCZ DDR2 800 Ram
    Antec 900 Gaming Case
    7,200 RPM Seagate Hdd
    Zalman Fan Controller
    Windows 7 RC 64 Bit
    Monday, June 01, 2009 10:36 AM


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  • I tired it and didn't have any problems after ~30 minutes of testing on Win7 RC (7100).  I was using the default options.
    Tuesday, June 02, 2009 11:10 PM
  • There's another thread with the same issue somewhere here on the forums.  I'm starting to suspect it's an incompatibility with some motherboard drivers in Win7 that's affecting the Prime95 tests (but that's just a guess on my part).

    - John
    Thursday, June 04, 2009 1:58 PM