e-mu 0404 pci soundcard troubleshooting with Nuendo 4.3 or Cubase 5.1


  • Hi everyone it seems i have a strange kind of problem with e-mu 0404 soundcard in Windows 7.I use the latest 64-bit Drivers and PatchMix Application for Vista.But whenever i edit in Nuendo 4.3 or Cubase 5.1 and after i exit the application i totally lose "The Sound" from any input (Media Player encounters error,no Windows sound and so on).Then i have to reinstall the PatchMix Application and everything works fine.The funny thing is that if i open a standalone VST Instrument and close it everything works again.I am not an audio expert and this is too confusing for me.Do you have any idea?Thank you very much.
    Thursday, January 28, 2010 5:34 PM


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  • Since that software is written by Creative Labs you will have to ask them about your problem.  The Vista drivers may not be compatible with Win 7, but Creative Labs will have to advise you on that.

    Crative Labs will have to publish the drivers to enable Windows 7 full functionality.
    Thursday, January 28, 2010 7:27 PM
  • To make the e-mu 1212 sound card work perfectly in windows 7, the proper driver should be installed. According to the emu offical website,

    I found there isn't driver for windows 7. So it's better to contact the emu support to inquire new driver for windows.

    In addition, after my further search, I found many people using the vista drivers for their soundcard and they can make them work after making some changes. They make the setting in the Patchmix is set to 48000 Internal, then everything runs perfect. To make the change, you can try:

    Open Patchmix, go to session settings, make sure internal is set to 48000.

    In my opinion, your sound card issue is mostly caused by the applications' conflict. It's better to update your Nuendo 4.3 and Cubase 5.1, and check the Patchmix setting after edit these program. 

    I hope this can help you.

    Friday, January 29, 2010 6:20 AM
  • Thanks for the information,i have already tried to set the Internal but still have the trouble.I also think the problem is caused by the PatchMix DSP application,but after lots of attempts i 'm starting to beleive that Native Instruments are causing the soundcard not to respond (very tricky since other VST Instruments such as Spectrasonics don 't cause any problem).I tried uninstalling the Steinberg application and setting up again the PatchMix DSP Application and everything worked,but when i opened the NI-FM8 standalone or the NI-Electrik Piano standalone (in another attempt), i had the same error again.It seems i have to wait for Emu to release the new drivers/application as they have announced,

    Unfortunately,since then i can 't roll back to Nuendo 3 or Cubase 4 due to incompatibility with the 64-bit operating system.
    I 'll be silent and patient!Thanks.

    Sunday, January 31, 2010 3:03 PM
  • Since your issue is caused the third party programs which is interfering with your sound card driver, it's better to remove them to make your sound card works normally. You can refer to the following KB to find the root cause.

    At the same time, please contact Emu for the new driver as the current driver is not for Win7. 

    I hope this can help you.


    Monday, February 01, 2010 10:12 AM
  • I don't think it's other audio programs, to be honest.
    I've spent the last few days putting together an i7 system using an Asus P6T deluxe.
    I started by installing my old Server 2003 O/S using my Emu 1820m system and then Nuendo.It all ran like clockwork.
    Then I decided to try it all 64-bit, using Vista Home Basic as it seems to be the lightest O/S.
    Once the O/S was installed I set about getting the Emu drivers installed but still can't get the system to actually see them.I had installed Patchmix afterwards then deinstalled it but it makes no difference.
    The fact that the audio driver (DAS V2.0) from Emu's website unpacks then proceeds to install itself yet leaves absoloutely no trace once it has done so makes me suspicious of the driver itself.Patchmix, installed at one point afterwards, told me it could see the 1010 PCI card but there were no drivers to run the thing.
    Perhaps obviously, Nuendo can't see any driver either.
    It seems to be the Emu software from what I can see.Not stable enough.
    Tuesday, February 02, 2010 5:47 AM
  • Apologies.I got it working.
    I had installed/deintalled things so many times I neglected to remember I'd deinstalled the original Emu audio driver before running the 64 bit self installer.Once I'd deinstalled everything then reinstalled first the old audio driver from CD which came with the 1010 card, and then ran the update, it all worked seamlessly.At 24/96.
    So far....
    Friday, February 05, 2010 4:11 AM

    i found beta drivers released for all versions of EMU soundcardsfor windows 7 it can be downloaded from the link

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010 5:25 PM