Windows 7 User Permissions VS Windows XP User Permissions


  • Hi!

    I would like to know differences between the User Permissions for each User Type (Local Administrator, Power User, Standard User) between the two Operating Systems Windows 7 and Windows XP. A detailed list would be ideal, but links to some MS KB articles providing detailed information for each user type and respective permissions would be sufficient.


    Currently, I have managed to find some links regarding user type permissions for Windows XP which are:

     Although some additional links would be helpful.


    However, I am having difficulty finding detailed links for Windows 7 User Accounts (the ones that I find mainly involve UAC, but I need more in-depth/specific information for each user type permissions).


    Can you help direct me to some MS KB articles (mainly for Windows 7 user account types and permissions) OR provide a list (either differences between permissions of the 2 OS or list of permissions for the Windows 7 user types)?

    Thank you!

    Wednesday, August 11, 2010 2:47 AM


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