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  • Hi, all
    I'm kinda new to Vista...so I have one problem. I have Vista Business on may HP notebook. Everything worked fine until recently. Now some of my programs, like iTunes, Safari, Nero, Skype...(and the list is getting bigger every day)...when trying to open them....I get a window saying "Windows is instaling"... then "Windows is configuring"...and if I'm lucky the program will open after 4-5minutes. If anyone had this problem please help...What to do?
    P.S.I dont have Vista DVD...it was preinstalled
    Thank you all in advance
    Friday, December 14, 2007 4:10 AM

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  •       I have just spent the day installing Vista on a 150 Gig Hard Drive, with 2 Gig Mem,  just as an experiment with Vista. I logged and timed the whole the experience.
        Its a very flawed product.  Your lucky you got as far as you did before you had problems.
        Please try and call HP support first, then Microsoft (thats going to cost you).  If the problem continues, relentlessly call HP, so that you can send the Computer back, and have them fix it and return.
        If your very lucky, try to change the operating system.  I have 5 pages of hours of time logs and not so much problems, but Vista is so darn slow and it doesn't even know what its doing.
        I hope this helps, and good luck....
    Tuesday, July 8, 2008 4:09 AM