MDT 2012 RC1 issue with 'Run Command Line' in Task Sequencer to run a batch file


  • Hi,

    I am currently working on my first deployment project and have most of the main elements in place, tested and tweaked. I am now refining the deployment process for maximum automation. I am trying to include a 'Run Command Line' within the Task Sequence for the LTI deployment of Windows 7 x64 so that at the end of the install I can kick-start a few other little tasks that have to be completed on the target machine before handing it to the user.

    However, at the end of the deployment when the Run Command Line tries to run, the 'Installation Process' on the target machine halts/freezes and leaving the message "Running action: Run Command Line" in the 'Installation Process' window?

    Within the Task Sequencer, the entry that I'm using in the 'Command Line' field is cmd.exe /c c:\NewBuild\test.bat and have left the 'Sart in' field blank. When I go to the target machine (while the 'Installation Process' is still stuck at the Run Command Line) and enter the exact same line into the Run Command window, it runs the batch file as it should without trouble (NB: I used the $OEM$ feature in the deployment share to include the custom folder and files).

    Could anyone help me identify this little issue please?

    The setup of my VMWare test lab is as follows;

     - Server01 = Server 2008 R2, DC, DHCP, DNS

     - Server02 = Server 2008 R2, WDS, MDT 2012RC1, WAIK2.0 (with PE 3.1). NB: No Configuration Manager.

    P.S. The deployment runs through succesfully without error with the 'Run Command Line' in the Task Sequence and no errors are produced when it's included. 

    Many thanks


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