Clean install goes to black screen '-' first reboot, Vostro 400 2GB (intel g33)



    Dell Vostro 400 foxconn mb (intel g33), intel q6600, 2 GB RAM, nvidia 7300gs PCI-E video

    Any idea why a Vista SP1 install will go through the install from DVD using my MSDN sub discs (not Dell) without errors until the reboot stage, then it reboots to a black screen with '_' in the top-left?


    XP Pro (also MSDN disc not Dell) installed without any problems.


    Memtest+ and prime didn't show any problems.  Stock speed and Dell-supplied RAM.


    The C: partition was primary, unhidden and active.   It had bootmgr, bootsect.bak, windows and boot folders etc.  but also what I assume are first-boot files: empty $bootdrive$, $installdrive$, $lsdrive; $DRVLTR$ set to C:


    Dell BIOS is limited but sleep is S3, boot order is correct, SATA is in IDE mode, and I did not need to supply SATA drivers during the first part of the install.


    I walked away for 15 minutes with each install attempt, the screen stayed at '_'.  I also tried non-SP1 Vista with the same results.


    Startup Repair on the DVD doesn't find any problems

    Monday, May 26, 2008 12:22 AM