Digital River's WIN 7 ISO is corrupt


  • The scenario: I am trying to upgrade from a clean Windows Vista 32 bit install to a 32 bit Windows 7 provided by Digital River, taking advantage of the student discount. Through much trial and error, I managed to get an ISO burned, but it is corrupt.

    Details: I have been working on getting Windows 7 installed since I purchased it yesterday. At first I tried the EXE provided by Digital River, but had no luck there after receiving many errors. I then decided to download the ISO and burn that to a DVD, after several tries, I managed to get the ISO, and using the Microsoft ISO to DVD or USB program to move the ISO to a DVD, I managed to burn the disc. I was pleased to see the install program work for a few moments before it stopped, claiming the ISO was corrupt.

    I am understandably frustrated and operating on little sleep as I spent a lot of time into the early hours of the morning trying to solve this issue. I've downloaded the ISO as provided by Digital River and Microsoft, and used Microsoft's own ISO utility, and I still can not install Windows 7.

    I have a back up disc on the way, provided by Digital River, but at this point, I am concerned that it will not work either. I really just want to get Windows 7 installed, as I am a college student and need my computer. Does anyone have a solution?
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