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  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, fully patched and kept up to date.

    I was away a few days and came home to find my machine on but with a bluescreen of death. I rebooted and Windows did some repair stuff and then it brought up the login screen. Issue is mouse and keyboard are unresponsive, so no ability to login to do anything further. I tried safe mode with networking same issue. I tried a PS2 keyboard, same issue. (Both keyboards work in bios and on any windows repair screens). Next I tried a plain old USB mouse, same issue. I tried checking bios for USB enabled (it was) and then rebooted, same issue.

    In normal and safe mode windows boots fine into login screen but then loses keyboard and mouse.

    Basic rescue mode on my rescue disk tells me no OS on drive C: (but it boots from there fine except with the no keyboard/mouse issue)

    Has anyone any ideas on what I can do? Obviously ntohing has changed onmy machine, keyboard and mouse (and my system generally) were working fine before I left.

    Sunday, December 18, 2011 2:28 PM


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  • Hi,


    Could you try to use the system startup repair from System Recovery Options?


    Startup Repair using Windows 7 installation disc.


    Note: Please ensure that the DVD-ROM is the first booting device.

    1)      Please insert the Windows 7 DVD and reboot the computer.

    2)      When we are prompted to press a key to boot from the DVD, please press Enter or the space bar.

    3)      Choose your language settings, and then click Next.

    4)      Click Repair your computer.

    5)      Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.

    6)      On the System Recovery Options menu, click Startup Repair. Startup Repair might prompt you to make choices as it tries to fix the problem, and if necessary, it might restart your computer as it makes repairs.


    More information, you can refer to: Startup Repair


    After that, please check the issue again.


    If the issue persists, please run “CHKDSK” to check the hard drive.


    If above suggestions cannot fix the issue, you may perform an In-Place upgrade to repair the system.


    In-place Upgrade


    1.    Start the computer.

    2.    Insert the Windows 7 DVD in the computer's DVD drive.

    3.    Use one of the following procedures, as appropriate:


    a.     If Windows automatically detects the DVD, the Install now screen appears. Click Install now.


    b.     If Windows does not automatically detect the DVD, follow these steps:


        b1. Click Start, click Run, type Drive:\setup.exe, and then click OK. Note Drive is the drive letter of the computer's DVD drive.


        b2. Click Install now.


    4.    When you reach the Which type of installation to you want? screen, click Upgrade to upgrade the current operating system to Windows 7.






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    Monday, December 19, 2011 6:14 AM
  • Hi Thanks for your reply.


    I have tried this already, both from my separate rescue disk (yes I do have one) and from the F8 boot options on the PC itself.

    The rescue tools see and can use my keyboard and mouse but no routines inherent in the rescue tools make any difference. Neither am I able to revert to a restore or even a backup, which I also do regularly.

    WIndows boots up and goes the login screen, just no mouse and no keyboard regardless of what i do, therefore no ability to logon and troiubleshoot inside a logged on windows. Doesnt matter what mouse or keybaord, I have a few and have tried them all. Seems any HID device is deactivated for some reason?

    Monday, December 19, 2011 2:12 PM
  • Hi,


    I found that there is another post with the same issue. In order to avoid confusion, please don’t duplicated post.


    Please refer to the other thread as link below:


    WIndows 7 Login Screen Mouse & Keyboard failure






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