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    I am Alok Sardesai. I use Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit. Recently I downloaded the XP Mode for Windows 7

    All was set I was ready to use it on my windows 7 desktop. But when I try to connect to the internet, it shows me up a ERROR 678 which unfortunately dismisses me a lot. I have also uploaded a screenshot of that what is actually happening. When I go out on the desktop of windows 7 and connect to the internet it works fine without any error. I restarted the Virtual PC as well as my Windows 7 Desktop but no variations found. Please help me overcome this problem so I can enjoy XP mode completely. Thanks for reading this.....and solutions are welcomed

    Sunday, April 8, 2012 12:17 PM


  • Hi ,

    This issue can be caused by the networking for virtual machine is not configured properly.


    The default network type for virtual machines is shared networking (NAT). It is ready to connect to the network upon first launch.


    If you have already NAT set, I suggest you can configure the virtual machine to use bridged mode instead.


    You can do this when XP Mode is running via the menu: Tools-->Settings-->Networking. 


    Change adapter 1 from Shared Networking to the active network card on the host.



    If XP Mode is not running, go to C:\users\%username%\Virtual Machines, select XP Mode and then click Settings and do the same as above.

    The following articles for your reference:


    Networking and Using Windows XP Mode

    Configure networking for virtual machines

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