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  • Hello! I read many articles about this issues but nothing helps. So my problem:

    I have an old Windows 10 installation (looks like 2015 or 2016 year). Several months ago I receive update. When it finished I have black screen (no sign in screen, no mouse, nothing). Ok, I reinstall Win 10. At now I bought SSD, yesterday I reinstall Windows 10 (again 2015 or 2016) and today I have an update which again broke my PC. The same behavior - black screen, no mouse, nothing. I have user without password so it logged in automatically. I go to recovery menu on my installation USB and check dir C - I see that it has folders Windows, Windows.old, Windows10Update.
    I can not get safe mode - there is no option in recovery, bcedit not works in command line. 

    How can I fix this issues? Very unhappy with this.
    Oh, I have Intel HD 530 and GTX 1060, I try to change video output, I try to disable Integrated graphics. My monitor works (I mean that it says that output connected well and it receives video data from OS). Just black screen on it.
    Saturday, December 30, 2017 10:26 AM

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  • Information is needed about the computer environment (hardware and software)

    Were you able to install windows with a normal display and only have problems after the update?

    1) What is the make and model of the computer?

    2) Is it a laptop or desktop?

    3) Do you have an external monitor to test for comparison?

    4) Find a few 8 GB or larger flash drive that you can format

    5) Create a bootable windows 10 iso:

    6) Create a bootable Memtest86+ version 5.01 drive:

    7) Create a bootable Ubuntu/Linux drive:

    These drives should allow you to boot without Windows to see whether it is a Windows problem or hardware problem.

    Run though this checklist and report into the thread which steps were successful and unsuccessful:

    Sunday, December 31, 2017 1:09 AM