Windows 7 64-bit Can't Find HP C7280 Scanner When Connected Via Wi-fi Networking


  • I have an HP Photosmart C7280 printer.  I've installed the full HP driver set.  It prints well.

    However, the scanner is not recognized over the network.  

    When I am connected via network, the scanner driver doesn't show up in the View Scanners and Cameras control panel; nor does the option to scan show up in Adobe Acrobat Standard. 

    When I connect (temporarily) via USB, these issues are resolved and I can scan over the USB port.  However when I disconnect the USB, the scanner is no longer recognized once again.

    I need to be able to scan over the wi-fi connection.  Can anyone please advise?

    Thank you,


    Monday, May 31, 2010 6:06 PM


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