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  • I'm installing CUDA and various related software to write deep learning software. During installation, a dialog with the title "Window Security" comes up, asking if I'd like to install the device software. (I've been writing software since '78 or so, so I'm not a total newb) The dialog goes on to say Name NVIDIA... and Publisher NVIDIA Corp... with a checkbox to "always trust..." and 2 buttons for install or don't install. Then a line, and below it, it says "You should only install driver software from publishers you trust" and more, which is also a link saying "How can I decide which device software is safe to install" So I clicked it.

    The "Help and support" dialog came up saying (among other obvious stuff) "Windows will alert you with one of the following messages ... blah blah" and lists the 3 messages it is supposedly supposed warn me with one of...For your viewing pleasure, the three exact options I am supposed to be show one of, are:

    Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software
    This driver hasn't been signed
    Windows requires a digitally signed driver

    I described above the entirety of the Windows Security dialog sufficiently to (hopefully) make it clear that none of the three Alerts that Windows Help and Support indicates I'm to be shown one of, are all absent from the dialog.

    I know the deal, done similar things a zillion times, but the dialog is basically asking me if I should install the driver, but does not indicate *why* it's asking me. (as in, by giving me one of the 3 alert options.

    I know NVIDIA, I know Windows (well, from 3.0 up..) and I know it's a safe nvidia driver... but what's the point of the dialog for someone who doesn't already know the answer to? Why isn't my windows telling me why it's alerting me about *this* particular driver?

    Surely this dialog has confused many people. (then again, if it only comes up when you're installing CUDA drivers for deep learning, you probably know what you're doing, but surely there are people out there who are just trying to start programming and happen to be doing some sort of AI thing as a first test project or something.

    Or.... I guess y'all could just say shut up till January and you'll have to upgrade your sickeningly short lived Windows 7. Sad to see someone (Good ol' billy boy) with 50-100 BILLION dollars who can't even support the only half decent windows since XP, the same lifetime as XP) Why don't they stop throwing in SO many more "features"/junk and work on killing what must be thousands of bugs in a source that massive? (sorry for the tangent..)

    Cheers, Andrew

    Sunday, September 15, 2019 3:27 AM

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