Windows Easy Transfer can't transfer files from Windows Vista or Windows XP


  • I'm running a English Windows Vista Ultimate and just bought a ENGLISH Windows 8.1. I've downloaded the WET for Windows vista and tried to complete the second portion of the transfer by specifying the saved .MIG file WET created. Then I got the error message: "Windows Easy Transfer can't transfer files from Windows Vista or Windows XP".

    The truth is, Microsoft was too busy integrating special effects to it's operating system and claimed it as fully polished instead of making sure built-in tools were worth using.

    Another harsh reality is that THERE IS NO WAY TO TRANSFER a file from Windows Vista to Windows 8. That's because engineers didn't even bother to make that possibility happen. Just Google: "Transfer from windows vista to windows 8" and you'll see there are no relevant Microsoft web page about this.

    Worse, Microsoft is giving excuses. To solve this issues, they came with a toolbox of fake scenarios in order to confuse clients even further, while they know damn well the Windows Easy Transfer is NOT EASY and certainly in multiple cases DOES NOT TRANSFER jack to begin with.

    Tuesday, December 03, 2013 2:43 PM

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  • I somewhat agree with you.

    Trying to transfer from 7 to 8.1 and although it looks like the "7" side of the equation is working, the "8" side isn't.

    "7" is trying to connect to "8" but "8.1" is being just plain stupid.

    Not even sure why the MIG file step is even necessary if all I want to do is transfer one file between two machines.  Said file is really BIG, or i'd just use my network, and the "8.1" rig doesn't have a dvd reader...

    Per the MIG step... my file again, is big... I'd need to "mig" this file just to send it? Can't even get to the step where I'd mig-it and if i did, how long would that take?

    So this is what progress is all about... geez... gimmie a NULL MODEM CABLE !!!

    Tuesday, January 07, 2014 12:01 AM