Simple Best Fix Windows Live Messenger Freeze

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  • Okay after looking for few weeks and trying to determine what was causing this weird laggish freezing behavior on my WLM I finnally found the answear and it is really simple, but is not that easy to understand why is it happening maybe cause WLM uses the same networking detection protocol as Internet Explorer does and somehow it starts periodically looking for new connections, the fix is just disable "Automatically detect settings" yes that's it, very easy, is not about your RAM is not about your Video Card is not about your Add-on applications for messenger it was just IE settings... incredible give it a try this will fix it permanently!! now have a great day!!

    - open Internet Explorer
    - go to Tools -> Internet Options
    - go to "Connections" tab
    - click on "LAN settings" button
    - uncheck "Automatically detect settings"
    - ok, ok, close IE and give WLM a new chance...
    Thursday, March 11, 2010 6:31 PM

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