Windows 8 with Windows Media Center update problem - now w8 not activated


  • Hello - grateful for your help.

    I have W8 Pro installed and activated using TechNet keys. I decided to upgrade to Windows 8 with Media Center but forgot that I had previously used this key to test on another machine, so the new install will not activate. I tried to upgrade and buy a product key online but when I try I'm told "Sorry, you can't buy keys online in your country or region,  but you can buy Windows from a retailer near you". Well, I don't have any retailers near me (Hong Kong), so I need to either licence W8 with Media Center legitimately as an upgrade from W8 Pro (TechNet key) or downgrade to W8 Pro. The downgrade option doesn't work easily either, except for doing a full install.

    And the worst part is I'm leaving Hong Kong on a 3 week international trip tonight and the only reason I was installing Media Center was to be able to watch some content on the plane.

    Can anyone help?


    Sunday, February 24, 2013 9:09 AM