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  • Windows 8.1 Preview has had massive WiFi issues. Every 2-5 minutes the WiFi says limited connectivity and I have to enable and then disable airplane mode to get connected again. I ran Windows Update repeatedly looking for updates and no updates addressed this issue. Since I saw a number of others with the same issues I was hopeful the RTM release would have addressed this.

    Today I installed 8.1 RTM on my Surface Pro and the issue persists. This is immediately following the installation, before installing any other apps, Wifi went to limited. Same workaround, but the issue is so persistent at the moment I can't do anything with the device. Very disappointing as WiFi is a critical component of making the device usable and Wireless does not experience these issues with the current Windows 8 release. 

    WiFi is not new and should not be this broken, especially on a Microsoft branded device. I could see having some issues with 3rd party hardware, but on your own device? Where is the fix for this? This can't really be the RTM version? 

    BTW, I have a Surface RT that is having the same issues with the 8.1 preview. I will not be updating that to RTM since the issues seems to be much worse in RTM. 

    Ugh. Back to slinging the laptop around. 

    If u died right now, where wud u b?

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013 3:31 AM


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  • Hi,

    According to your description, I suggest trying to install the latest updates for Surface to test it firstly.

    For Windows 8.1 update, we may need to wait for the updates of Surface.

    Then, if your surface cannot connect the wireless network, try running the network troubleshooter to check the result.

    Meanwhile, I suggest you can change the other wireless router to test it.

    For detail information about troubleshooting the wireless network, please refer to:

    Can’t connect to a wireless network?




    TechNet Community Support

    Wednesday, September 18, 2013 1:28 PM
  • Hi Rocky,

    I'm in the same situation as you and am pretty disappointed myself considering the Surface Pro is a Microsoft Device.

    I've updated my Surface Pro to Windows 8.1 RTM and am still having "Limited Wifi" connectivity issues.  I haven't been able to use my Surface Pro too much either because of the constant dropping of the connection.

    I had these issues with the Windows 8.1 Preview and I couldn't work as effectively so I rolled back to Windows 8.  With RTM out I was hoping these would be fixed, but there are still many "Limited WiFi" issues.

    If anyone else has any solutions to this please post it in this thread.

    And for Kelvin, thanks for the tips, but none of those options help.  We're obviously higher skilled with computers if we can get Windows 8.1 RTM through MSDN and/or Technet.  I'm pretty sure everyone that has these issues with Windows 8.1 RTM already has tried everything they can to fix the problem.



    Wednesday, September 18, 2013 6:40 PM
  • Hi Rocky,

    Will this solution work for you?  After I updated the Marvell Driver to 14.69.24040.136, it looks likes like I've had no issues so far.



    Wednesday, September 18, 2013 10:43 PM
  • Hi Rocky, I am just thinking, if you have a PRO and RT with thesame problem, but not everybody has this issue, is it  possible that it might be your WiFi connection itself. What if you try a different band number or lower the security to let's say WEP and see if the problem persists?

    Just wanted to let you know that I have a couple of Pros and many RTs and none have issues om my WPA2 network.

    Friday, October 04, 2013 6:28 PM
  • I've got the same problem with my Surface RT but not that often. Every 2 or 3 days I get limited connection. It got better with one of the wifi updates some weeks ago (before this update I had the issues every night).

    I don't think that it is a router or connection issue because I tried three different wifi networks (at home, at work, at friend). No such problems with other devices (printers, 4x WP7, 2x WP8, Windows 8.0 Tablet x86 based, 2x Netbooks, Dell Laptop).

    Another bad thing is, that you are no more able to change the wifi key using the charm bar. In Win8.0 you're able to touch the wifi connection, the context menu opens and you're able to enter another key. This option is gone in the 8.1 preview which is really bad. At work the wifi key changes every 3 days and I have to dig in the depths of the system settings on desktop to change it...

    - Roland

    DirectX / XNA MVP 2011

    Wednesday, October 09, 2013 1:03 PM