Bing Weather app large live tile not updating after closing the app


  • Hello!

    I love the Bing weather app, it looks really great, but I have an annoying problem with it. The large size live tile stops updating after I close the app.
    In this post I describe the steps how you can reproduce my problem.

    Used version: Windows 8.1 Pro RTM (build 9600)

    Steps to reproduce the problem:
    1. Pin the Bing weather app to the start screen
    2. Set the tile size to large
    3. Wait until the nice weather picture appears
    4. Start the app
    5. Close the app by dragging it from the top to the bottom
    6. Wait for the weather picture to appear again on the large tile
    7. If you can still see the weather picture, repeat step 4.-6.
    8. You will end up with a blank large tile with the weather app logo that does not show the actual weather and won't update anymore.

    At this point starting the app won't fix the large tile. It will stay blank. Even restarting my computer doesn't fix the large tile. Reinstalling the weather app also didn't work!

    The above steps work without a problem with the medium and wide size tile setting. It seems that the problem only occurs when the tile size is set to large and you explicitly close the app by dragging it to the bottom.

    There is one way I can reset the tile so it will start updating again:
    1. Set the app tile size to wide
    2. Wait for the tile to show the current weather
    3. Set the app tile size to large again

    Now it updates again without a problem until I accidentaly close the app.

    It seems that this problem might be related to these issues:

    I also have the EventLog filled with DistributedCOM 10016 error events referring to: Microsoft.BingWeather_3.0.1.174_x64.

    I think this might be a bug. Could you please investigate it?
    If it's not, then could you help me solve this problem?

    Thank you,

    Thursday, October 17, 2013 12:38 PM


  • Hi,

    As many people encountered this problem, I create a new Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM today for test.

    After system setup, open Bing whether, it works fine. While I check Event Log, it records plenty of 10016 error report.

    You can try the methods below to resolve this problem for test.

    1. Try the method in the link you provided to set the DCOM permission for test.

    2. Use APP Troubleshooter to fix this problem.

    Roger Lu
    TechNet Community Support

    Monday, October 21, 2013 3:29 PM

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