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    How great wouldn't it be if applications could queue up tasks in the "before shutdown" queue, like Windows Update does with the "install updates and shut down" option? I use a piece of software for backup which fails to back up at night, since my laptop is turned off when I'm not at work. Instead, it wants to back up data as soon as I turn on the computer in the morning, in effect losing working time.

    I would love to have an API to create something like a "Run backup and shut down" option. If applications would use such a thing, I could just choose that option and go home in the end of the day, not losing any time at all!

    Here's hoping for a solution in Windows 8.



    Thursday, May 19, 2011 7:23 AM

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  • Backup your hard drive on shutdown

    In order to backup your hard drive on shutdown, you need to download Xecutor. Xecutor is a free download that you can download from the Xecutor homepage. Once you install Xecutor and run it for the first time, it will ask you if you want to run Xecutor on Startup — choose “Yes.”

    Next, select the “Shutdown” tab and then the green plus sign. On the properties screen, navigate to C:AutomaticDailyBackup.bat and click “OK” (don’t worry about changing any other settings). You should see the following:


    Now when you shutdown Windows, Xecutor will automatically run the AutomaticDailyBackup script.


    It is possible to do this with Windows Task Scheduler.

    1. To use Windows Task Scheduler, you need to be logged on as an Administrator or a member of the Administrators group.
    2. Click >Start >Programs >Accessories >System Tools >Scheduled Tasks. (With some versions of Windows, it will also be available in your Control Panel.)
    3. Double click Add Scheduled Task. This will open the Scheduled Task Wizard.
    4. Click Next, then scroll to  Data Backups, highlight it and click Next.
    5. Select the days you want to perform this task , then click Next.
    6. Enter the time you want the task performed, then click Next.
    7. Enter the user name and password of an Administrator for that machine, and then click Next.
    8. Add a Check to "Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish.", then click Finish.
    9. Type the following line of code into the "RUN" box after the command line: -be1   " –be1"
      Example:  C:\PROGRA~1\COBackup.exe –be1 (*Where "C:" is your primary Hard Drive)
                (**If the above command line does not open Remote Data Backups & start a backup operation )


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    Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:24 PM