Custom installation, Win7 professional, error message 0x80070057, at instal


  • I managed a to install Win7 Professional in place of XP Pro.  After, I realised that I had used my XP setup with sytem files in C 40GB and programs in D 100GB, both partions on the C drive.  I decided that this might cause problems in the future and so I decided to repeat the custom install with C drive as 1 partition.  Didn't spot an option to reformat C.  The program would not install, error message 0x80070057.  Searching the internet and Microsoft indicated that this an error associated with Explorer 2007!   My C drive is 2 SATA drives setup as RAID 1.
    In frustration I reformated my 2 hard drives using my 2nd PC (running XP pro), cleared the CMOS and re-entered all required settings.  So that I would have a clear fresh PC setup.  I probably attempted 6 or 7 custom installations, each time getting the same message that the drive can not be formatted.  Then I spotted the advanced symbol and dicovered commands for Format, partion, etc.  Only by experiment did I discover that I needed to partition the drive for Win7.  It seems that Win7 does not set up new empty drives automatically and no guidance given to the installer.  XP pro installation does this automatically, perhaps Microsoft should look into this.
    Friday, October 30, 2009 1:04 PM