synconizing large amounts of data across multiple windows 7 servers


  • I am running a small network of 3 windows 7 servers. They are set up in a workgroup and do
    not have a domain controller. I was thinking about using DFS but since I am not
    in a domain this will not work. Here is what I am trying to accomplish: I have
    a folder with multiple sub folders that i would like to have automatically synchronized
    between the three servers. So far I have created the same folder structure on
    each of the three PCs and have been manually copying the changes files between
    them, but I have noticed some are being missed.

    Is there a way in windows 7 or is there an aftermarket product that will let me
    automatically synchronize files between these 3 folders across the three PCs?
    Each server is running a raid 5 disk array to store the data.<o:p></o:p>

    Anyone have any thoughts short of me adding a domain controller and joining each server to
    the domain and using something like DFS?

    Also, I'm looking for something that does not involve an upload to a centeralized website.  The volume of data is too large and would get oo expensive too quickly.

    Thanks in advance for your time. I would like to implement this as soon as possible.

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