cleartype + hardware acceleration = blurry text

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  • Hi, I'm having some problems with cleartype on windows 8 that I didn't see on the previous versions. Some programs simply don't show the text as they should.

    Here's an example:

    The first line is from Google Chrome, you can see the cleartype is working fine
    The second from Firefox, it activates and deactivates "blinking" the text and sometimes only works on half of it
    The third one is from Internet Explorer, cleartype doesn't work at all

    all three browsers have hardware acceleration enabled


    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest Nvidia video drivers, "reset pc to factory defaults", format and reinstall windows and the problem persists.. I even installed win8 on 2 other pcs (with nvidia video) with same results.

    I know I could simply disable hardware acceleration on Firefox and IE but I don't think I can consider it as a solution

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:35 PM

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