Windows 7 RC1 and NVidia GEForce 8600 Blue Screen


  • Hi folks. I have narrowed down a BSOD on boot right after the "Starting Windows" screen to my GEForce 8600. When I remove the card from the computer and use the on board video, it boots fine. I have previously run XP/Vista without any issue with my current hardware. I have the most recent drivers from NVIDIA but I cannot install the software without the hardware installed. Is there any way to get the drivers in without the card in place? Thanks to all!

    Well, I went back to Vista, tried to do an update instead of a clean install but no luck. When the PC reboots, I can choose 2 Operating Systems, Vista and Setup. I choose Vista and I can see in my c drive a few folders that Windows 7 uses to boot. I understand that when (if) the windows 7 install is complete, it will rename my windows folder "windows.old'.

    Is there any way to take the good video drivers off the vista system folder and copy them to the setup folders and reboot, choosing setup instead of vista?

    Update-This seems to be more of a PCIe issue than a graphic card problem. I understand that build 7000 did not have this problem but build 7100 does. I would really like to kick the tires on Windows 7 buf if the silly thing wont start, what is the point. Is build 7000 still available?

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