can't see mouse pointer in games


  • I play City of Heros, the problem I have after getting a new gaming machine is they are not compatable with Vista yet.

    When I load the game my mouse point doesn't show up. Is there anyone out there with a cure for this problem?




    Friday, December 14, 2007 11:45 PM

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  • Hello Rod Or Should I Call You Cy, Cyor, Cyops {Hopefully I Have The Right Person or this makes no sense to you}

    First you need to find out if your new machine has the NVidia Video Card. A Lot of players using that card have the same problem in World Of Warcraft. If you do there is a Bug on all 8X.XX Drivers {Supposedly As I Only Use ATI Cards and was told this is a problem with NVidia} You Can Also Try Down grading your Video Card to7X.XX Drivers
    You can try to see if there is an updated Video Driver even though your machine is new running Vista {Good Solution Is To Revert To Windows XP as there is a lot of trouble with Vista and gaming}

    The Other thing to try is going into your Settings {Right Click On Desktop - Go To Properties - Go To Settings & Look For Hardware Acceleration Slider {Probably On The "Full" Setting} and slide the level 1 step lower and try that. I have used this fix for one of my old ATI Cards with Cursor Problems

    Well Hopefully this will help you out. I only had this trouble 1 time a long time ago playing City Of Heroes With an older ATI Card.

    If This Is Cy contact me at  I am the person that use to play Queen Fairbanks, Maniacle Maniac, etc

    Saturday, December 22, 2007 6:34 AM