Windows Vista Service Pack 2 installation failed error code: 80248007


  • I have an: HP Compaq Presario F572US Notebook PC
    with Windows Vista Home Basic 32

    Windows Update asked to Install updates: Service Pack 2

    I installed the updates then when my computer tried to start again nothing happened but a black screen with white words scrolling across. I had to unplug the pc and remove the battery to get it to turn off. Then I turned the computer back on and Windows Start Up Repair started running because the computer would not start. Start Up Repair could not fix the problem so I looked at the details of the problem and it said there was one problem: Windows Update Service Pack 2
    I had to use System Restore and then it shut down and tried starting again but it could not start so Start up repair ran again. Then when it tried to start a third time I entered: SAFE MODE
    and went in and manually uninstalled the Service Pack 2 Update then restarted my computer and everything was fine.

    I then did some cleaning on my computer uninstalled programs I did not need ran registry cleaner and defragment cleaned disc C and went to HP and updated my drivers.

    Around two weeks after the first try at installing SP2 I  went to Updates and checked for new updates. It downloaded Service Pack 2 and asked to restart so I restart and the exact same thing happened except it only took one time to do a system restore and the computer came back on. In my updates it sayd Critical one update:SP2
    There is an error code it is:80248007

    I do not know what that code means I have searched for an answer to that code but can not find 80248007.
    What should I do? Does anyone know what this code means? Thank you for any help you can give!!

    Saturday, October 10, 2009 7:04 AM

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  • I have received an answer from a Microsoft Windows Support Professional. I am still in the middle of trying to fix the problem but I was told that
    "A third-party application holds open a file or locks a file that the Service Pack installation program has to use."
    I was given steps to fix the problem so after I try the solutions I will post a reply to this question with the answer to this problem just in case anyone else runs into this error and needs help!
    Monday, October 19, 2009 6:13 AM
  • I have the identical (or at least extremely similar) problem on an HP Pavilion laptop.  The update cycle runs through all its steps and displays the final "Shutting Down the computer screen" and stays there indefinitely (overnight, in my most recent effort) until I unplug the machine.  If I try to boot it normally it I get the black and white screen Sblmgrl described.  A start up repair wizard calls a restore point restoration which gets me up and running, but Vista keeps queuing up the SP2 update for the next time the machine is shut down.  Please do share the information as soon as you can:  I need help!
    Tuesday, October 20, 2009 4:52 PM
  • Hi El Casey,

    Sorry to hear you are having the same problem. I am still trying to get the Windows SP2 Update to work on my HP Computer I contacted a Microsoft Windows Support Professional by e-mail and they sent me a reply. I have been following the steps they gave me which involved me having to do a lot of research on my own so I will post that first to help you (and whoever else is having this problem), then I will copy and paste the instructions Microsoft gave me below that.

    What I am finding to be the biggest problem is HP there are drivers and software and programs to run before you can install this update. There are a lot of different articles you have to read on the HP website before this update will work.

    The first thing I did was go to: Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Windows Update
    then on the left chose: Change Settings

    I then changed "Install Updates Automatically" to
    "Download Updates but let me choose whether to Install them"

    (I did this because every time I turned my computer off it kept installing the updates then crashing and then I would have to do a system restore. If you turn off the Automatic feature then you can turn the computer off without it crashing. After you get this problem fixed you should turn Automatic Updates back on.)

    The Microsoft Support Professional told me to go to the HP website: www.hp .com
    and see if there are any updates available for the software applications and hardware drivers installed in the computer prior to installing Windows Vista SP2.
    (You will have to find your HP product name and number then submit it and they will give you a list of drivers that can be installed on your HP model)

    You can also contact an HP support professional and ask them if there are any drivers or software you need before installing Windows SP2 Update

    Also you can go to: Start, All Programs, HP, Hp Update
    Start, All Programs, Hewlett Packard, HP Advisor

    and run either: HP Update or HP Advisor
    and it will scan your computer to find any drivers or software that needs to be updated.
    (you may also want to go to the HP website and download the latest version of HP Advisor and HP Update I found that both of mine were not up to date so I did not have the latest drivers)

    Here is one of the articles I found on the HP website:

    Precautions to Take Before Updating to Vista Service Pack 2

    (Under the HP web page above you can read this article and it will also give you steps and direct you to other HP web pages and Microsoft Windows pages as well as different drivers and software to download. I would advice printing it out because there are a lot of steps to take)

    After you have done all you can with the Hewlett Packard website you can start on the steps Microsoft Windows give. One more tip is Windows says while doing the steps below you should turn off your anti virus and anti spyware I had a terrible time trying to disable my anti virus programs you may also have to contact your Anti virus Manufacturer like I did to actually find out how to disable it without having to uninstall it completely and then reinstall.

    Here are the Steps the Microsoft Support Pro sent me:

    From the problem description, I understand that Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) failed to install.

    If your original system is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version preinstalled in the computer, I recommend contacting the computer manufacturer before installing Windows Vista SP2. Please confirm with the manufacturer if there are any updates available for the software applications and hardware drivers installed in the computer prior to installing Windows Vista SP2.  Updating software and hardware drivers will reduce the chance of any unexpected problems that may occur during the installation of Windows Vista SP2. 

    During the Windows Vista SP2 installation, one of the most common causes of failure occurs when a third-party application holds open a file or locks a file that the Service Pack installation program has to use. For example, a third-party antivirus or antispyware application may cause this problem. If you are running any third-party applications such as Spyblocker, Internet or web accelerators (programs designed to boost the speed of the Internet connection), security or anti-virus programs (McAfee, Norton, etc.), I recommend temporarily disabling or shutting them down during the troubleshooting process. Please be sure to re-enable them once the process has completed.

    After that, I recommend running Reset Windows Update Tool and System Update Readiness Tool. System resources, such as file data, registry data, and even in-memory data, can develop inconsistencies during the lifetime of the operating system. These inconsistencies can be caused by various hardware failures or software issues. In some cases, these inconsistencies can affect the Windows servicing store, and they can cause software updates not to work. We can run Reset Windows Update Tool and System Update Readiness Tool to resolve these inconsistencies. When Reset Windows Update Tool and System Update Readiness Tool detects incorrect manifests, files, or registry data, it might replace the incorrect data with a corrected version. Please follow the steps below.


    Step 1: Run Reset Windows Update Tool and System Update Readiness Tool


    1. Please download and run Reset Windows Update Tool from the link below:



    2. Please download and run System Update Readiness Tool from the link below according to the System Type:


    System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista 32-bit


    System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista 64-bit


    Note: It may take an hour or longer to detect and replace the incorrect data, please be patient. When it is finished, please restart the computer and install Windows Vista SP2 again.


    If Windows Vista SP2 still cannot be installed, I suggest downloading the Standalone Installer and installing it in Clean Boot Mode.


    Step 2: Download Windows Vista SP2 Standalone Installer


    1. Download Windows Vista SP2 Standalone Installer from the link below according to the System Type:


    Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - ALL Language Standalone for Windows Vista 32-bit (KB948465) (475.5 MB)


    Windows Vista Service Pack 2 - ALL Language Standalone for Windows Vista 64-bit (KB948465) (745.2 MB)

    Step 3: Install Windows Vista SP2 in Clean Boot Mode


    Please disable all startup items and third party services when booting to avoid conflict when installing Windows Vista SP2.


    1. Click "Start", type: MSCONFIG in the search box and press Enter.


    Note: Please click "Continue" if the "User Account Control" window pops up.


    2. Click "Services", check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box and click "Disable All" (if it is not gray).

    3. Click "Startup", click "Disable All", click "OK" and restart the computer.


    Note: Temporarily disabling the Startup Group only prevents the startup programs from loading at startup. This shouldn't affect the system or other programs. We can manually run these programs later.


    4. Please double click the downloaded Standalone Installer and follow the instructions to install Windows Vista SP2.


    To restore the computer to use a Normal Startup, repeat step 1 above. Then click "Normal Startup" on the General tab, click "OK", and then restart the computer.

    If the issue persists, please collect a screenshot of the error message, the latest System Information and CheckSUR log for further research. Please be sure that the information does not contain any of your confidential and private information. It's for troubleshooting purposes only. Thank you for understanding.


    How to capture a Screenshot


    1. When the error appears, please press the Print Screen key (PrtScn) on the keyboard.

    2. Click "Start", point to "All Programs", point to "Accessories" and then click "Paint".

    3. In the Paint program, click the "Edit" menu, click "Paste", click the "File" menu, and click "Save". The "Save As" dialogue box will appear. Type a file name in the "File name:" box, for example: screenshot.


    Note: Make sure "JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPEG;*.JPE;*.JFIF)" is selected in the "Save as type" box. Save the screenshot file to the Desktop.


    System Information


    The System Information can provide us with more information about the current status of the system. I would like to check it for you. Please send it to me using the following steps:


    1. Click "Start", type "MSINFO32" in the Search Bar and press Enter to start the System Information.

    2. On the popup window, on the menu bar, click "File", and click "Save", type a file name and then choose NFO as "Save as type", click “Desktop” on the left pane, and click Save.

    3. Right-click on the exported file, choose "Send To" -> "Compressed (zipped) Folder".


    CheckSUR Log


    1. Click Start, and click Computer.

    2. Double click (C:).

    3. Open Windows Folder -> Logs folder -> CBS folder. You will see the CheckSUR.log in the CBS folder.

    4. Double click it. It will be opened by Notepad.

    5. Click on the "File" menu and then click on the "Save As".

    6. From the left panel, click "Desktop" and click the Save button.

    7. Right-click on the exported file, choose "Send To" -> "Compressed (zipped) Folder".


    Please send the above files to (this is where you would have to contact a Windows Support Professional yourself through e-mail and then send your information)


    P.S. If you actually get your Windows SP2 Update to work on your HP computer let me know on this forum because I am still trying maybe there is something I am missing. Good Luck! Hope this Helps!!

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 12:23 AM
  • sblmgirl,
    This is not an HP-specific issue. I get the same exact problem, but I am using an Acer. I'm going to try the link you supplied to the Standalone Installer.  I will then come back to let you know whether it worked for me.  Thank you for posting this information.
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    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 2:30 AM
  • I have had a similar problem with my Acer, and I have tried three times to get the service pack to install, all without succeeding.  It downloads OK, then when it has to be applied to the computer, it takes ages, and then finally tells me that it has failed and is putting the computer back the way it was beforehand, which again tages ages. 
    Have tried to find out how to fix the problem, one of which told me to delete all the previous updates that have been put onto the computer, but was not able to work out just how I was to go about this.  Sorry, I am able to understand the basics of computers, but once I get  'computer' talk  givento me, I get lost.  Just got onto this forum to see if anyone else is having problems.  Would be interested in how you go with your problem, as you have an Acer as well. 
    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 8:35 AM