Have a problem internet explorer 8.0 to bring the images ???


  • I have news site (one script). Im using a panel for to add articles. I cant puting the image on my site with explorer 8.0. I wonder, is there problem to the script or explorer have a problem ??

    at the first time, its bringing to panel add to image. when I was clickt to "go" then giving me explorer  error and closing the popup page open new one (but not normal). do you have any idea this subject. I m doing rihgt now. But spending the time seconds. I thinging that there are a problem explorer 8.0. its not bringing the images to the servers. Or need to upgrade java parts.

    you may read be carefull. image is coming in but not moving the directory first time. The saving when you take the image (but without to image) afterthat chosing image and taking the image the directory. Iwas done like that.

    I hope you understood me..:))
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    Saturday, May 16, 2009 10:34 AM