do I have to remove this program which called nengine from my computer which is made by NEWNEXTDOTME


  • hi,

    I have downloaded mobolgonie on my windows 7 just to see wat it is.

     then I deleted it from program and features, after I saw suddenly in mscofig wizard  by startup section mobilegenie daemon .exe so I searched in google to see wat it is.   so I saw that is from mobolgonie is  which I deleted so I removed this mobilegenie daemon exe with some copy and paste script from my computer  after searching in google infoirmation about it.

    now I see onother program  in startup  section which called nengine from  NEWNEXTDOTME company  wat I read it is dynamic link library file ,but I don't see any other information .  do I have also  to remove this program from registry or startup. is it something important or unwanted?




    Friday, January 17, 2014 3:54 PM


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