My headphones don't work with Windows 7


  • I recently bought a refurbished Dell Latitude D610 laptop with Windows 7 operating system. I loved the computer until I went to listen to some music on Windows Media Player. It was fine until my room mate told me to turn it down. I then plugged in my headphones, and for some reason they didn't work. I made sure I had the volume up, and that they were plugged in all the way and in the proper location. I thought my headphones were broken so I got another pair, with the same problem, so I bought a brand new pair, unfortunately to the same result. I thought maybe it was Windows Media Player so I tried my headphones on Youtube, and it still didn't work. I went to the "playback" column in audio settings to disable the device and then enable it again, as I saw advised for a similar problem, but I didn't see any device listed there besides the "speakers". Someone please help me!
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    Sunday, December 25, 2011 8:47 PM


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  • Who put Windows 7 on the Dell Latitude D610?

    I ask because Dell appears to not offer any drivers for the Latitude D610 for any Windows newer than XP:

    If some third party or you installed Win 7 without checking for available Win 7 drivers, that is probably your issue.

    If Dell installed Win 7 on your refurb Latutude D610, then you should contact them for support.

    Monday, December 26, 2011 4:22 PM
  • I'll agree with pvdg42 on that, and on top of that, do NOT assume that all drivers will work, especially if

    you installed the 64 bit Win 7 version.  I have seen products advertise themselves as Win 7 compatible and

    they are clearly not with 64bit Win 7.   There are some old audio chipsets that just plain do not work. 


    Now, if you have audio working on the laptop, and your headphones do not work, then you probably have a

    dead/broken headphone jack on your laptop.  Have you ever previously used the headphone jack on this laptop?


    You mentioned it was a refurb, so I'm going to assume its new to you and you were not aware of this issue.


    Monday, December 26, 2011 6:24 PM