Migrating RUP Desktop, Favs from XP to W7


  • We're migrating several dozen XP users at a time to W7, months apart, depending on PC off-lease swaps.

    I've dealt with our test users' Roaming Profiles by manually copying any non-standard stuff off their desktops, and IE favourites to the new W7 computer once it's imaged and the user has logged on. But for the upcoming swaps, copying as above will cause a lot of work.

    From reading about it, I don't believe USMT is any good for this. So, is there a way for me to grab a user's XP profile desktop and IE favs (not concerned with folders - they're already redirected) and copy them to the user's new W7 profile the first time they log on?

    Scripting perhaps. Does anyone have a script that would accomplish this?

    Thanks x10e6

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012 5:51 PM


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