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  • Windows SEVEN had a bad history of resurrecting the state of the OS after wake from sleep or hibernate, but it was majorly confined to random Internet Explorer's tabs getting refresh.

    With Windows 8 pro 64-Bit OS, the wireless network card doesn't connect on system wake from sleep or hibernate state. From device manager, I have to uninstall the wireless driver and scan for hardware changes. The other method is to bridge Wireless and Wired adapters and then
    delete the bridge.

    Last week I upgraded to Windows 8.1 preview. Since then its wayyyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooo painful!!! It requires me to uninstall, scan for hardware changes, bridge wireless, remove bridge everytime I turn on from shutdown state, restart,  wake from sleep, wake from hibernate, lid open/close and even the system undergoes idle state..... this is still NOT ugly yet: sometimes it requires me to do these step over and over multiple times to get my Wireless/Wired adapter to connect to the Internet!!!!!  I have ALL the updates installed.

    I am experiencing this on HP ENVY dv7-7398ca laptop sporting 3rd gen core i7, 16GB RAM (which comes preinstalled with 8). This is so unfortunate, Windows has a very appealing legacy of shinning in computer networks domain. Apparently its losing the grip. First, there was no direct way for creating Ad-hoc connection since EIGHT, then there is no VPN in RT, then there is no 3g/4g dongle support in RT and now a SIMPLE network LAN and Wireless is giving us tough time.... and EIGHT is being advertised as a cloud-based OS... what a dilemma. I wonder if people at Windows teams, System Internals and other hardcore folks are taking EIGHT seriously or even using it as their primary OS..

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  •   Unfortunately the device drivers are written by the equipment manufacturers, not Microsoft. They are notoriously slow in producing versions for new OS versions. It was well over 12 months after RTM of Windows 7 x64 before a lot of manufacturers had reasonable 64-bit drivers for their equipment.

      I have also had problems with network device drivers in 8.1 . I was a bit surprised to see that the drivers which worked fine in Win 8 caused odd problems in 8.1 .



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