[Bug] Folder display is blank after deleting file with maximum filename length


  • Hello

    I'm experiencing a weird display bug with Windows Explorer under Vista Home (32 bits).

    In fact when I delete a file with the maximum filename length, Windows Explorer is not able to display the other files from the same folder.

    Steps to reproduce the bug:

    1/ Create a new folder
    2/ Choose the option 'Details' in the 'Views' menu (command bar)
    3/ Create 34 sample files (like .txt) with a short filename
    4/ Rename the 34th file with the longest filename (~ 255 characters)
    5/ Select the 34th file
    6/ Choose the option 'List' in the 'Views' menu (command bar)
    NB: the first 33 files are listed in the 1st column and the last 34th (with long filename) is on the top of the 2nd column
    Of course only the 34th file (which is selected) is visible (horizontal scrollbar is on the right)
    7/ Delete the 34th file

    • The folder display stays empty (the scrollbar has disappeared) and Windows Explorer doesn't scroll the from the right to the left to display the 1st column with 33 files. Ex: (French UI)
    • Clicking on the folder name in the Address Bar or in the left pane (tree view) doesn't refresh the folder display, only F5 refreshes the folder (33 files appear)
    Expected results:
    Windows Explorer should scroll on the left and displays the 1st column of files.
    Tuesday, February 09, 2010 6:43 PM