Can I still buy Windows 7 from Microsoft in March 2013?


  • It is now March 2013 and Windows 8 has been out for some while.  After being scammed online about 1 year ago with an VL for XP on an older PC which, of course, eventually failed, I am now very cautious.  I simply want to buy _DIRECTLY_ from Microsoft, since I now trust no other source, a Windows 7 OS.  (Not Windows 8, which I know is great since I have it on another PC, as the targetted not support it.)  Looking on the Microsoft site I did not find a way of buying Win7 from them directly.  My question is: Can I still buy Windows 7 _from_ Microsoft, preferably a DVD version, and if so, how?  Thanks in advance if someone in MS can help.
    Saturday, March 09, 2013 6:40 PM


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